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Welcome to Peruvian Imports

Welcome to Peruvian Imports, where you will find the most  luxurious garments made of the wonderful material of Alpaca.
The Alpaca, once considered a magical animal hidden high in the Andes mountains of Peru, is much like a small llama but with exquisitely soft fleece. 
Highly prized in the Ancien Peru, it is sometimes referred as "the Fiber of Gods" almost indestructible, fine woven Alpaca garments in remarkably conditions have recently  been discovered in Peruvian ruins dating back 2,500 years.

Alpaca fleece is both softer than cashemere and more durable than wool, cotton or synthetics.
In addition to its extraordinary fineness and durability, the absence of lanolin and other oils in the fleece make Alpaca garments both hypo-allergenic and luxuriously soft to your skin. Because the fiber is straight, Alpaca resist pilling.

We will provide you the best quality and prices you will find in the market.  Peruvian imports is a family-owned wholesale company and we work together with a talented group of regional artisans and designers from all over the world to bring you the latest styles, maintaining the strictest of standards in both materials and workmanship.
Our large variety of luxurious Peruvian Alpaca knitwear is available for the whole family in many sizes and colors.

We are sure you will enjoy your garments and we want to thank you for supporting our native people with your purchases, which will provided them not only work but education for their childrens.